Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fashion Bit: Top Trends

Fashionable Fall / Winter 2012

After doing a lot of on-line research and comparing it with what I've seen in stores lately under the new arrivals, I made this list of top fall 2012 trends.

1. Maroon Trousers - This is truly a beautiful colour, awesome for the upcoming months of
fall. You can pair them with a black shirt and black boots, or combine them with a lacy white / ivory shirt and heel. Either way, they will look amazing and stylish.

2. Print Trousers  - To add a little pop to the season, there are print trousers. The prints are different, but one of the most popular ones is the floral print.

3. Lace - A trend that was super popular this summer will continue into the fall/winter. I'm so happy that many stores have beautiful lace dresses under the new arrivals,   because I love love love this trend. 

4. Black Leather - What seems to be a huge hit among the top designers is black leather; pants, jackets, coats, or just on sleeves of a t-shirt, leather sure seems to be a must for the upcoming seasons.

5. High Collars/ Turtlenecks - Perfect for winter to keep us warm, turtlenecks seem to have their comeback this fall.

6. Peplums - Another interesting trend are peplum dresses in various colours and in print, too. 

7. Long and Oversized Coats - This trend seems to be a huge hit on the runaways. 

8. Side Panel Jeans - Aside from comfortable denim, this fall bring us another trend; side panel jeans. A twist to familiar jeans is a line on both leggings. Other trends including the jeans are floral print, polka dots and coated denim. Also, tapered and baggy jeans are likely to be very popular in the upcoming months.

As to colours, the most popular combination is black and blue (cobalt). Another trend coulors include white, black, and gold. 

How do you like the upcoming seasons' fashion? Which trend is your favorite?



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