Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beauty Bit: Sugar Coated Lips!

DIY Sugar Lip Scrubs 

With colder weather, our skin becomes more dry and sensitive, and our lips tend to get chapped. In order to prevent that and make them smooth and kissable, here are a few DIY  all-natural recipes that you can whisk at home.

Honey, I Wanna Kiss Scrub

Ingredients: 3 tsp olive or jojoba oil
                 2 tsp honey
                 2 tsp finely grated white or brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients together until they form a nice paste. Rub gently into your lips, using circular motions. Rinse with warm water and apply a lip balm if needed.

Olive or jojoba oil will hydrate your lips, while honey contains cleansing and healing properties and is a natural binder of the paste. Finely grated sugar is a natural gentle exfoliant will scrub your lips nicely, without damaging it.

I'm Coco-Loco About You Scrub

Ingredients: 1 tbsp coconut oil (unrefined is always better)
                 1 tbsp honey
                 2 tbsp brown sugar

Very similar to the Honey, I Wanna Kiss scrub, but with another nourishing and great tasting oil. Put the mixture in a small container and keep it for 2 weeks in refrigerator. 

Pout Like A Model's Scrub

Ingredients: 1 tbsp sugar
                 1 tbsp honey
                 1/2 tsp olive or jojoba oil
                 1/2 tsp vaseline

Mix all of the ingredients well until they form a paste. Put the mixture into a container to store and keep it in fridge for a week. 

What are your DIY lips secrets? Share them in the comments below and let me know how you like these free recipes :)



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