Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beauty Bit: BB Cream Review

La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream

I was at the Mall the other day and passing by a pharmacy, I saw that La Roche Posay came out with their first BB cream. I have wanted to buy a BB cream for a while, but didn't for several reasons. First, I didn't want to buy a drugstore brand like Garnier because I have sensitive and acne prone skin and I use strictly the brands which my dermatologist prescribes. Second, the shades of the Garnier cream don't really match my skin well, and up unitl recently, Garnier was the only available brand in my country. So I was super excited to see that La Roche Posay came out with this product, because I use their face products and I LOVE them.The pharmacist gave me a sample to try it out. 
This cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and also has SPF 20. It comes in two shades, light and dark, and is paraben-free, non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and nickel-controlled (formulated to contain only the minimum quantity of nickel). It contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring water, which is incredibly good for the skin. It is very light and smooth in texture, and is oil free. It can be used as a daily moisturizer or as a make up basis.
I tried out the lighter shade, since I am very fair, and it matched my skin perfectly. It is very moisturizing and feels really light on the skin, as if wearing a very light, fluid-based moisturizer. The complexion is visibly smoother and unifyied. If you don't need a lot of coverage or on casual days, when you want your skin to look silky and super healthy, but you don't want to burden it with heavy foundations, you can wear it by itself. If you want more or need more coverage, you can apply some loose powder on top and it'll last you the whole day.Your complexion won't seem dull, your skin will look super healthy and dewy. The only thing one might dislike is the scent, because it does have noticeable (but nice) scent to it. 

All in all, I love this product, I highly recommend it and will definitely purchase it!

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