Saturday, 1 September 2012

Diet: Breakfast Porridge

This is an extremely simple, quick and healthy breakfast recipe. It is filling and truly satisfies the sweet tooth. You will need rolled oats, almond (or any other) milk, 1/2 banana and some cinnamon.

Take a cup of milk and put it in a small pot. Add the preferred amount of oats (the more you add, the thicker the porridge will be). While the oats are cooking, take a small bowl and mash the banana. Once the porridge is cooked, let it cool off for several minutes and pour it over the banana.Due to the sweetness of the banana, no sugar or honey is needed.  Sprinkle some cinnamon on the top and enjoy your breakfast!


When buying cinnamon, always look for the Ceylon Cinnamon and avoid the ones produced in China or Thailand (known as the Cassia Cinnamon). While both Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon contain Coumarin, naturally occurring plant components which have strong anticoagulant properties, the difference lies in the amount. Ceylon cinnamon contains hardly any Coumarin, while Cassia cinnamon contains a higher amount of Coumarin and it can cause health problems to some individuals if taken on a regular basis. Coumarin is also toxic, especially for the liver and kidneys.

Benefits of Cinnamon:

- balances blood sugar
- treats digestive disorders
- improves circulation
- is anti-inflammatory
- is a natural brain stimulant
- is an excellent source of manganese, dietary fiber, iron and calcium
- has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties
- boosts metabolism and is believed to help with weight loss


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  1. Mmm.. yummy. I totally forgot that banana goes well with porridge! Normally I just mix porridge with blueberry soup, sesame seeds, flax seeds and cottage cheese :D Might sound odd, but it's very delicious!

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